Thursday, 18 October 2012

One Sky One World - Folkestone - Sunday 14 October 2012

Last Sunday was One Sky One World. It is the event that finally decided me to start flying kites in 2011. The venue for this event was Radnor Park in Folkestone and I encourage others to attend next year when no doubt we will be at the same venue flying more kites. The aims of O.S.O.W. are at the foot of this post, together with a link to their website.

Kent Kite Flyers at Radnor Park (off flying kites)
The weather was lovely but the winds very light and it looked for a while that the kite count for the day would be quite low, fortunately as the day progressed so did the wind and once you got into the centre of the field and gained a bit of height there was a fairly stiff breeze.

Stephen proving you do not need a long line or wind to fly a kite

As the idea of the day was to get as many kites into the air as possible by as many people as we could involve, an awful lot of photos opportunities presented themselves and it has taken me several days to thin the numbers down for a manageable post.

Loan kites being flown by attending members of the public
Due to Blogspot and me not getting on (believe it or not it has been 6 hours in compiling this on the website - Grrrrr) I have had to upload the full set of photos at Flickr. They can be seen at :-
Not all kites were captured by the camera – but I think Wendy got the majority of them using my Olympus. Apologies for the few out of focus shots but this camera is a little temperamental with its autofocus.

Where two Rokkakus go, four flotails may follow.

One Sky One World website is at :-


  1. Hi Kevin, Nice set of pictures a great effort, well done.
    That Stephen bless him keeps giving me jib about not flying kites, BUT will do tomorrow in Tampa Bay Florida
    Thanks for posting these.

  2. Thank you, always nice to receive positive feedback. :) Tampa Bay, nice, and probably warmer than here.