Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Light Up The Sky (Children in Need)

A couple of lit kites flying over Woodchurch Green
Saturday 27th October 2012 was the date for “Light Up The Sky” an event to support Children in Need and the chosen venue for Kent Kite Flyers was Woodchurch Green near Ashford. We got there just after 3pm to find the wind was gusting quite strongly but without any consistency, I tried 3 different kites before I could get one to stay in the air and even then it needed constant tending.
My 3D Box Kite from Emma Kites
I was looking for a kite where the spars were visible so that I could stickytape “Glow-Sticks” to them for the night flight. There were a few kites that managed to weather the heavy wind which was a bit steadier once you got up to about 100 feet.

My Easy Fly Delta in high gusting wind

I had real problems getting my four Deltas to carry the various light sets I had bought for them and all bar one seemed unbalanced, I tried strapping the light set to the flying line to take the weight off the kite itself however even this did not work. Fortunately I had one Delta which I had sorted out mid week which seemed to fly okay.

Whilst I was struggling with kites and battery packs others had created a wind garden providing light and sound, with strings of halloween lights between them.
As dusk fell lights were switched on and the night flight began. Photos are few as I was relying on the preset firework setting on my Olympus, sadly it did not work as well as I had hoped.


I managed to have 3 kites flying, first off my Delta with multicoloured fairy lights attached.

Secondly my 3D box kite in which the glow-sticks were invisible due to an almost full moon shining down on us so I attached half a dozen red and white flashing key-fob LED’s, lastly my Skull Pudsey which looked good once it had been bombarded with dark light. I was pleased with this as I had spent a week creating and painting it with fluorescent paints the original design comes from pyrogirlx.


There were quite a few kites in the air with various light displays and sound boxes, unfortunately despite the publicity and hard work put in by the organiser, public attendance was very light.

I have to say thank you for the cookies and cakes which were provided – they were yummy.

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