Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Brogdale Apple Festival 20th and 21st October 2012

This way (through the mud) to the Kites
I have never been to an Apple Festival before, however Wendy and I went to Brogdale with Kent Kite Flyers where the club attended to display kites and do “Teddy-Parachuting”. The Festival is a 2 day event celebrating British Apples and what ought to be emphasised is that Brogdale is the home of The National Fruit Collection and isthe World’s largest collection of fruit trees and plants. 

This is one of the two fields put aside for kite flying.

Sadly rain the day before made the ground rather boggy, but this did not deter us from putting a few kites into the air.

The first two kites in the air

Sadly the low wind meant that all but the lightest kites had difficulty staying in the air without a tremendous amount of work.

As the morning progressed the wind disappeared completely the calm of the“Doldrums” had hit Kent. Only those kites requiring next to no wind were flown such as the "Vented iflite2 and the Prism Zero G Curuleum below.
The total lack of wind gave us the opportunity to take a look around the other events at the Festival.

The tents in this picture include hand made soaps, Kent wildlife Trust, Fungi and Wood Carving also one of the two bandstands providing live music.

Other stalls had Fairy Cakes, Cheeses and various hand crafted items. The farm shop was also open.

Labyrinth - one of the music groups on stage.


As an avid birder my favourite stand was Manyhoots, a centre for disabled birds of prey, here are 2 of the birds they had on display.


I would like to thank everyone who added to my knowledge on this day. I have much to learn about Kiting and every event I attend I pick up a little bit more. This time round it was how to put my cody together, flying an iflite 2, learning about cody's made from one sheet, and various European Kiting events.

What the Festival was really about, one of the many display stands of British Apples in a large marquee.

 Other Kites that made it into the air :-




 Wind Garden also Poles with Windsock and Kites.

By the way - all photos in my Blog can be seen in a slideshow (smaller pictures can then be seen full size), just double click on any of the photos and you will see the slideshow option.

The next Kiting event is at Woodchurch in Kent on 27th October where The Kent Kite Flyers will be lighting up the sky with illuminated kites to raise money for Children in Need

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  1. Lovely post Kevin, sorry the weather was not up to much. Give it another week and I will be home and hopefully get more involved.

  2. Ah but it is so much warmer where you are, this weekend temperatures (with windchill) down to zero - - brrrrrr.

  3. Sorry Kevin the first picture you have called a Zero-G is actually
    vented iFlite.