Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Milton Creek Community Day 6th October 2012

Last Saturday Wendy and I went to Milton Creek Country Park where Kent Kite Flyers were attending the Milton Creek Community Day. The overnight rain had disappeared leaving the ground a trifle damp with a small pond in a corner of the flying field. Due to light traffic we arrived early and I am proud to say that I was the first with a kite in the air with my Rokkaku (no picture) in a nice light breeze. Others quickly arrived and more kites were soon flying.

Poles with small kites and windsocks together with wind machines made for a colourful display.
This Bee and Ghost being Just 2 of the many
Steve's Mega Delta
Most of the day there was very little wind and the only kite that remained up all day was Steves Mega Delta. 
My Spirit of the Air Mega Delta
 Several attempts to launch my own Mega Delta met with little success it being quite a heavy kite I think the longest it stayed in the air was about 30 seconds and I wasn’t even flying it at the time!
The lack of wind meant only the lightest of kites could be flown.



Mike's Maple Leaf Kite

Despite the lack of wind it was a lovely day and quite a few kites were lent out to members of the public mainly children who had the energy to run around and create enough wind to fly them.
A few attempts were made to fly line laundry, but the wind was not strong enough for the lifter kites to maintain height, however this Large Bee flew for a while.

Towards late afternoon the wind picked up slightly and a few more kites were flown including a couple of people who had brought along their Indian Fighting Kites

Many other Kites were flown during the day, some I managed to photograph. 
Power Sled

A Brassington designed Flame
As always I know very little about the names of the Kites or their owners and I am more than happy to add or change information attached to any of the pictures, so please let me know - it is the only way I will learn properly. 

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  1. Kevin, just checking back and I am surprised that no one has left a comment, I would have done but I was away at the time.
    Keep it up and I promise to look on my return on the 31st October.
    Really nice pictures BTW, you have bone very well.