Monday, 11 August 2014

Teston 10 August 2014

I managed to pack the car before the first rain fell and drove to Teston Country Park in darkening skies and an ever increasing windscreen wiper rate. On arrival the rain took a brief break enabling me to walk round the happy campers, say hello to the few showing signs of life and grab a quick cup of coffee. Then the rain really set in and like a wonderful classical piece reached a crescendo with thunder and lightening at its peak. It was not all gloom and come 1 o'clock the sun broke through and a few members of the public turned up followed closely by a rather optimistic Ice Cream van.
The first kite I tried in a very stiff wind was my Octopus - only a short 5 metre affair (with tails) it handled fairly well until hit by crosswinds, which were plenty, at which point it folded up and plummeted to earth. After several relaunches I gave up and moved on to my more resilient Goldfish.
The Goldfish flew very well and appreciated the high winds. I was not the only person flying, however it was odd to note more public flying than Kite Flyers. Another KKF member was flying this Fox.
The last kite I put up was this Rotobox, the high winds were now limiting greatly what would fly especially with gusts in the 35mph + range. Luck was with me with the second picture straight down the length of the kite.

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  1. Hi Kevin I hate to contradict you but I think your Fox is actually a badger one of only for that currently exist and three of those are owned by KKF members!!