Tuesday, 22 July 2014

KKF Teddy Parachuting at Brogdale Cherry Festival 20 July 2014

Spinning Pin-wheel
Kite flying at the Cherry Festival at Brogdale was hampered initially by a lack of wind and then by mid afternoon encroaching storms packed full of thunder, lightning and rain. Kent Kite Flyers did their best to put on a display but with no wind it was next to impossible to fly anything.
Parafoil lifter kite briefly in the air

As an “eye-catcher” Steve, Sue, Wendy and myself put together a wind garden of spinners, wind socks and flags which worked quite well.

Wind garden

Colourful Spinners made from bottles

Spinners and Pinwheels
As nothing was flying I put together a couple of Kites for the public to peer at.

The Cherry Festival itself was well attended and had a number of interesting stands and events on top of the KKF Teddy Parachuting; Archery, Classic Cars, a working Blacksmith, various food stands, a Cherry Pie eating contest, Fresh Fruit tasting were just a few.

A new way of face painting ?
I could not resist the picture of the Blacksmith hammering away with the Facepainting banner.  Towards mid afternoon as the storms approached the wind freshened for a while and Teddy Bear parachuting started to take place, this lasted until worsening weather made having a lifter kite up a little dangerous to health.

Some Teddy Parachuting
Overall though a nice day despite minimal wind. A few other kites were put in the air, sometimes briefly, from a large Rokkaku to a mini dragonfly kite.


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