Monday, 10 October 2011


Steve Palmer's "One Sky one World" Rokkaku
On Sunday, Wendy Alan and I went to Radnor Park in Folkestone where “One Sky One World International Kite Fly for Peace ” was being celebrated by Kent Kite Flyers. OSOW is a global kite flying experience check out their website at arrived just after to see a few kites up already, sadly the wind was only about 3-5mph and with moments of no wind at all some of the kites were struggling to stay aloft. This did not deter those who turned up, nor did the threat of rain which other than the early morning drizzle on the drive down there, managed to stay away all day.

We had a break for lunch and returned to see even more kites in the sky, the wind was stronger and a large number of rainbow coloured easy-fly kites were up, we counted 8 at one point being flown among the larger kites, a good variety of shapes and designs were in the air thanks to Kent Kite Flyers. Please bear in mind my knowledge of Kites is limited (only got interested a few months back) so some of the identifications are going to be in error for which I apologise, feel free to correct me, its the only way I will learn.

The most popular kite with 8 being flown at once
The camera I used was my Canon 400D with a 100-400mm lens which I was too lazy to change. because of the weak wind, the kites were darting all over the place so I had to set the shutter at 1/1000 sec in order to cut down on movement blur, so there has had to be some brief basic editing to bring the colours of the kites out. Anyway enjoy.

First off a selection of Rokkakuro Kites

The next two I believe are Sled Kites

The next two I believe are Cody War Kites.

 Diamond Kites are next (I probably have a few of these wrong). The spaceman is mine.

The next batch are Delta's (again any mistakes?)

A couple of Power Kites

Various animal kites.

Line Laundry. Not true Kites as they cannot fly on thier own, they are more of a windsock which hangs off lines or poles and fills with air.

Finally the ones I cannot name correctly (easy get out but true).

Thats the lot. There are another 100 odd photos (not to mention the load Wendy and Alan took, these are just mine), but I whittled them down to this little lot. I hope you enjoyed. A special thanks to Steve for letting me know this was on and don't be frightened to be there for next years One Sky One World and if you cannot get to Folkestone other events do occur around the UK and indeed the world.

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